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Collective Knowledge

Collective Knowledge has only fairly recently been accepted as an AA Megacorporation by the Corporate Council, with the successful opening of branch offices spread over Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, and China. Initially based in Australia with some small support structures in New Zealand, it recently began acquiring many smaller corporations and assimilating them into its structure. Most of these corporations eventually end up rebranded under the ‘Collective’ name fairly quickly, focusing on supporting Collective Knowledge itself.

The corporation itself started off as an attempt to bring technology into the business of magic, creating a massive repository of magical knowledge from all the traditions, as well as information relating to current theories and suspicions as to the nature of magic and how it works. This magical database is then offered to its userbase on a subscription basis, offering users access to it remotely through secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections. It does not do business with other megacorporations in this venture, however it is widely hailed as an excellent resource by independent mages and universities, many of whom later add their knowledge to the database as a whole to improve it.

Collective Knowledge currently owns four major subsidiaries, one of which has been purchased in the last year and has yet to be rebranded.

  1. Collective Efforts (Construction): One of the first subsidiaries created by Collective Knowledge, Collective Efforts is a construction company which has been responsible for building every site used by Collective Knowledge and its subsidiaries, in addition to a many smaller independent corporations spread over Southeast Asia.
  1. Collective Thoughts (Consulting): Collective Thoughts primarily operates as a consulting firm for what small businesses continue to exist in the Sixth World, offering them advising and access to certain resources intended to improve their revenue and let them suceed.
  1. Collective Shipping (Shipping & Freight): Collective Shipping was purchased within the last decade, and operates several heavy freight ships which travel between New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia. It also has some small scale air lift capacity and is in the process of configuring a train network to feed CK facilities in the Outback.
  1. Outback Aerospace (Aerospace & Defense Industry): Still a small corporation, Outback Aerospace operates only a few facilities, producing licensed copies of many types of helicopters and planes. Many of these are bought by Collective Knowledge and its subsidiaries, however their quality – and price – is below average compared to other corporations. It was recently purchased by Collective Knowledge, and has yet to be rebranded. Rumors abound that the deal was not, however, completely legal.

Corporation Information

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